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We have designed a four part feeding program that provides highly concentrated, highly digestible nutrients in a both flexible and convenient manner. All components may be mixed together.

The total program has a fat content of less than 2% so that it can be used in the face of compromised (or underdeveloped) liver function. In cases where hepatic encephalopathy is a concern, the protein and amino acids contributed by Parts I, II, and III are very highly digestible and will contribute very little to the waste N load.

A 1000-pound patient with compromised hepatic function can be given as little as 2 meals through an nasogastric tube per day. These meals provide 73% of maintenance calories and 100% of maintenance protein requirements, and they will also provide substantial amounts of the amino acids that are rate limiting for wound healing and direct energy sources for enterocytes. Furthermore, Part II also provides highly bioavailable forms of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. If liver function is not compromised, 1/2 pint of corn oil added per meal will raise the caloric content to the full maintenance level.

The different parts of this feeding program can be used in a wide variety of cases. All parts may be tube fed, top-dressed or fed as a gruel (Part I does not work well as a dry product). Parts I, II, and III work well with pre-weaning age foals. In addition to the critically ill, dysphagic patients (traumatic or infectious origin) and perisurgical cases benefit from the nutrient dense feeding program.

The different parts of our program were designed to offer the concentration and flexibility to be used in both the hospital and ambulatory settings. We invite you to call us so that we can help you customize a feeding program for any case you may have.

Descriptions & Directions

PART I – Liquid Meal (2 packets), 40 packets per Box

PART II – Liquid Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Mineral, Antioxidant Box of 30 Packets (1 oz. each)

PART III – GI Support. (4 Scoops – 135g), 1,350g per Container

PART IV – Suspendable Feed Mix. 35 lbs. per Air-Tight, Resealable Bucket

Part IV can be considered ½ Forage and ½ Concentrate (13.9% Protein, 2.4% Fat).

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